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 Announcing the release of Patrick’s latest book, The AWE of Awakening – A Guidebook.

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Patrick J. Ryan is an international coach, hypnotherapist, an Awakened Wisdom Circle Guide, mediator, business leader’s confidant and a former Buddhist monk who has worked closely with esteemed clients to help them visualize and lead purpose-driven lives.

Patrick serves the needs of global business leaders, entrepreneurs and anyone else who strives to access greater clarity, unlimited creativity, and a higher quality of personal and professional life experience.

As Your Business Success Coach and Mediator Patrick creates experiences of expanded consciousness for you or your business team. He achieves this through personally crafted coaching sessions, Awakened Wisdom Circle events, or presented as a vision quest adventure at a desert retreat, as a teleconference or as an executive coaching blitz on Skype. Business leadership coaching that fits you.

Achieving great success is one thing. Enjoying it is another. Staying free to create and dance on the edge of what is possible is remarkable.

Patrick chooses to work with those who understand that their success is for the sake of the world. He accepts clients who aim to reach beyond themselves to create dynamic and purpose-driven legacies.

Patrick serves a volunteer including leading Wisdom Circles and teaching Awakened Wisdom in San Quentin prison and as a mediator in a restorative justice juvenile mediation program in California.

Learn how to be an Awakened leader. Read my self-help book, Awakened Wisdom: A Guide to Reclaiming Your Brilliance. If you’re ready to renew your business vision and lead a purpose-driven life, call 415-413-0010.


Coaching: Executives, leaders and high achievers know it takes clear vision and willingness to make changes to maintain a competitive edge and to create fresh perspectives. This often requires support and direction from a trusted ally.

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You can change your core beliefs to align with your opportunities, hopes and dreams.
HypnoTherapy is the most effective way to engage with the sub-conscious and to influence effective and meaningful change in our central operating system.

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Awakened Wisdom Circles

There is an experience that goes beyond team building, beyond doing a great job, beyond the next great idea. Awakened Wisdom Circle Experiences take us to the edges of emerging breakthroughs. They take us to a place that no one can get to alone.

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Mediation: In any conflict there is a sweet spot, the best possible solution.
Patrick will guide you to find it together.
Partnerships, Workplace, Family tensions, Communities.

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Retreats, Training, Speaking, & Live Events

We can design an event for you and your team, organization, family or community.

Lead your organization towards being the full expression of all your Talent

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Corporate Programs

Awakened Wisdom offers a variety of trainings for: Revealing the Vision Leadership Development Coaching Skills for Leadership Team Relationship [...]

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The power of practice I have been noticing lately that life is moving forward for myself, my clients, and even for the men in San Quentin that I am working with, at quite a fast pace. That, of course is not a big revelation, and it is worth noting. This seems to be a time […]

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